Helping the Youth of Today Become the Leaders of Tomorrow

About Us

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Mission Statement

To create sustainable economic development outcomes and promote positive social impact to help disadvantaged communities thrive.


Our Vision

We aim to help disadvantaged communities thrive via sustainable economic development and beneficial social impact. We are guided by sustainability, inclusivity, and collaboration and aim to transform communities worldwide.


What does the Elevating Change Outreach do?


• Elevating Change Outreach revolves around the empowerment of individuals. We seek to seize promising scholarship and employment prospects. We believe in equipping them with the essential skills, knowledge, and resources to excel in their academic pursuits and future careers. Our comprehensive approach extends beyond mere preparation; it involves nurturing a pathway for their success long after college. Through our expert academic guidance and counseling, we strive to cultivate a robust foundation that facilitates their current educational goals and ensures a prosperous and fulfilling future beyond graduation. By offering tailored advice, mentorship, and resources, we are dedicated to helping individuals embark on a journey toward lasting achievement and personal growth, setting the stage for a bright and prosperous future.

• Our organization offers comprehensive mentoring and counseling services to guide individuals toward success. Our team comprises seasoned corporate recruiters and experienced executive professionals dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering growth. We are committed to equipping individuals with the essential skills and knowledge required not only for successful interviews but also for securing promising positions in the corporate world. Our mentors and counselors work closely with individuals, providing personalized guidance and support. We are passionate about bridging the gap between aspirations and achievements, and our goal is to empower individuals to not only land jobs in Corporate America but also thrive in their chosen careers. With our wealth of expertise and industry insights, we aim to be a driving force behind the realization of professional aspirations, ensuring that individuals are well-prepared to excel in the competitive corporate environment. Our commitment is to pave the way for their continued success and growth in business.

• Our organization has partnered with local housing authorities to tackle homelessness. This collaboration combines our shared goals and resources to create sustainable housing solutions. Our primary aim is to launch homeless programs for immediate relief and support. We're committed to addressing the root causes of homelessness, offering job placement services, mental health support, and essential resources. We aim to create a brighter, more stable future for our homeless community members. This partnership will drive positive change through transparency, accountability, and community involvement. It reflects our unwavering dedication to making a difference and ensuring everyone in our community has access to safe, stable housing.

• Since our inception in 2004 and as of 2022, our organization has taken pride in facilitating opportunities for individuals to secure over 450 athletic scholarships. These scholarships have proven to be transformational, not only for their sporting pursuits but also for their broader academic journeys. Over the years, we've tirelessly worked to connect talented individuals with scholarships that enable them to pursue higher education while continuing to excel in their respective sports. These scholarships have alleviated the financial burden of education and served as a springboard for personal and academic growth. Our commitment to nurturing the academic careers of these individuals goes beyond numbers; it reflects our dedication to empowering them to unlock their full potential. These scholarships have opened doors to higher learning, enabling them to reach their academic goals, explore diverse fields of study, and prepare for a promising future beyond their current endeavors. As we move forward, we remain steadfast in our mission to champion their aspirations, helping them carve out a path toward academic excellence and personal development. Through our continued efforts, we look forward to creating even more opportunities for these individuals to thrive and achieve their dreams.




• We provide mentorship and the provision of invaluable academic guidance to individuals who find themselves in need. Our dedicated team of mentors and advisors is passionately committed to positively impacting the lives of those seeking support. We recognize that every person's educational journey is unique, and our mission is to offer tailored mentoring and academic counsel that addresses immediate needs and nurtures long-term personal and intellectual growth. Through one-on-one mentoring sessions, comprehensive educational planning, and a wealth of resources, we aim to empower individuals to navigate the challenges they face, unlock their full potential, and ultimately achieve their academic and career aspirations

• We are actively collaborating with former athletes who have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to their collegiate athletic experiences. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support and assistance to these individuals as they transition from the world of sports to new career paths. Through a combination of specialized counseling, skill development programs, and personalized career guidance, we are dedicated to helping them overcome the challenges posed by PTSD and empowering them to confidently prepare for fulfilling careers beyond their athletic endeavors.

• We will also offer the services of board-certified psychologists who will be readily available to support individuals participating in our program. These psychologists will actively participate in various events throughout the year, contributing their expertise to enhance coping strategies and learning exercises to foster improved mental health practices. Our commitment to mental well-being extends to all program participants, and these dedicated professionals will play a pivotal role in promoting our community's overall emotional and psychological wellness.



  • • Elevating Change (Formerly Arizona Magic Youth Outreach) was organized and developed by President Anthony Ray in 1998 and became a 501 (c)(3) in 2004.


  • • Elevating Change was created to aid in the development and production of Arizona student-athletes becoming pillars in the community.


  • • We help provide less fortunate student-athletes with opportunities to maximize their chances of obtaining athletic and academic scholarships while also preparing Arizona’s youth for college life and the corporate world after their playing careers.


  • • Elevating Change has collaborated with Arizona Preps to host and provide annual events, such as the Arizona Preps Fall Showcase, which is free for all Arizona high school boys/girls basketball programs. The Fall Showcase has provided opportunities for more than 4,000 student-athletes since its development in 1998.