What is Elevating Change?


• We prepare Arizona student-athletes for scholarship opportunities. Additionally, we are helping set up a future for Arizona Youth to succeed after college through our academic advisement.

• We provide mentoring and counseling services. Our team consists of corporate recruiters and executive professionals who will help develop the necessary skills to ensure successful interviews and to help land jobs in Corporate America.

• As of 2022, we have been responsible for helping student-athletes earn more than (450) athletic-scholarships since 2004, which has allowed Arizona student-athletes to further their athletic and academic careers.



Helping with Mental Health


• We are focusing on mentoring and providing academic advice to student-athletes in Arizona.

• The goal is to prepare them for college and life after athletics in Corporate America.

• We are working with past student-athletes on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) gained through playing college athletics by helping them prepare for careers after sports.

• We also will be providing board-certified youth psychologists to be on call for those involved in our program. The psychologists also will be involved with many events during the year to assist with the development of coping and learning exercises for better mental health practices.