A completed Craft/Commercial & Novelty Vendor Application and two photos of your booth (including signage) must be submitted six weeks prior to the event date.



Applicants will be notified via email of all approved items/services and other information regarding the event at least four weeks before event date.



A non-profit vendor is a vendor that plans to participate in an Elevating Change Outreach Special Event as a method to market its organization. The vendor must be a 501(c)3 organization – and be prepared to bring a copy of its status, should the organization be asked. Exceptions for the 501(c)3 status will be made if evidence is provided that the organization has an ample history of charitable work in the Arizona area.
Non-profit vendors may give away items or sell items if used as a fundraiser for the organization. Paying food, craft and novelty vendors will take priority in providing items for sale.



Non-profit vendors have the option at most events to provide a certain number of volunteer hours throughout the year in exchange for free booth space. Non-profit vendors will receive a $20 credit toward the cost of their booth fee for each volunteer hour worked. Volunteer hours can be provided by one person or a number of people from the non-profit organization. Special Events staff will meet with the non-profit vendor to arrange how and when the volunteer service hours can be performed. Volunteer service hours must be performed within one year of the event date. If volunteer service hours are not fulfilled within one year the non-profit vendor will be responsible for payment of the booth fee minus a $20 credit for each volunteer hour served.



Elevating Change Outreach reserves the right to deny the sale or giveaway of any particular item or service. In such an instance, the vendor will be contacted to discuss alternatives. No non-commercial forum is permitted. Vendors can only disseminate name of their organization, location/address, regular business hours, information (name of events, dates, times, locations) about their upcoming events. Anything else is not permitted. A confirmation of all approved items/services will be provided, along with notice of acceptance prior to the event.


Exclusivity is not guaranteed; however, every effort will be made to prevent an overabundance of similar products or services from being sold or given away.


The sale of raffle tickets is prohibited at Elevating Change Outreach Special Events. While we understand raffles are a popular money-making tool for many organizations, it is not feasible for event management to guarantee all raffles are in compliance with the Charitable Raffle Enabling Act.



Booth space will consist of 100 square feet of operational space (10’ x 10’). If you need larger booth space, you must seek approval from event coordinator. All events are outdoors. Vendors will also have the opportunity to promote your company/business on-site with coupons, menus, promotional materials and name-identified uniformed employees. Booth location is determined by Elevating Change Outreach and is non-transferable.



Vendors are responsible for providing all operational equipment, including but not limited to: tables, chairs, canopies, tents, generators, etc. Vendors must bring their own power supply and extension cords. For safety reasons and the amount of noise generators produce, generators are not allowed at all events. Prior approval by event coordinator is required in order to use a generator.



All decorations must be tasteful and reflect the theme of each individual event. Decorations in all tents that are not used for cooking, shall be limited to combustible decorations on 10 percent of walls and ceilings unless treated with flame retardant criteria of NFPA 701.(IFC 2404.2) Decorations must be within boundaries of the allotted booth space. The ground, pavement, walls, poles, etc., surrounding booth space must not be damaged or defaced in any way. If vendor damages any event property, in any way (nails, staples, paint, etc.), vendor agrees to pay damages therein.



Vendors agree that all marketing and promotional material will be distributed ONLY from the assigned booth location. No member of the organization is to distribute information verbal or printed more than five feet from the assigned booth space. Violating this policy will cause your organization to be dismissed from the event grounds without a refund. In addition, your organization will not be allowed to participate in future Elevating Change Outreach-sponsored events.



Vendors agree to behave in a professional manner or be dismissed from the event grounds without a refund. Any vendor suspected of alcohol or drug usage during the event, set-up or take-down will be dismissed from the event without a refund. Excessive complaints (two or more) from event participants, staff, or patrons will result in dismissal from the event grounds without a refund. In addition, your organization will not be allowed to participate in future Elevating Change Outreach-sponsored events.



The vendor agrees to operate throughout all hours of the event and agrees to remain in the booth until official closing time. Vendors that leave prior to the event closing time will forfeit their $50 deposit. If the vendor arrives past the specified set-up time for the event, the vendor will not be allowed admittance and a refund of the deposit and booth fee will not be given. If a vendor does not show up on the day of the event this will result in a forfeit of your deposit and the booth fee will be retained.



The vendor is an independent contractor and retains the sole right to control and/or direct the manner in which the services described herein are to be performed and details of all work performed by the vendor, its employees, and representatives. Subject to the foregoing, Elevating Change Outreach retains the right to inspect the progress of the work performed by the vendor. Elevating Change Outreach has the limited right to stop the work, to prescribe alterations, and generally oversee the work only to ensure its conformity with that specified herein. Elevating Change Outreach’s general oversight is in no way intended to assume control or to direct the details of the vendor’s work, whose duties remain solely with the vendor.



The event will be held rain or shine to the best abilities of the Elevating Change Outreach. Elevating Change Outreach makes no representation as to the number of potential event attendees and assumes no liability for any financial loss due to the vendor’s operation at the event.